Server Support

A well supported server ensures maximum performance and speed for the website and is updated without the risk of business downtime by running patches and upgrades. Through years of experience, Support Operator offer the industry's best server support plans for all types of organizations. Our server support staff work 24/7, 365 days in a year to ensure that your business does not suffer even the slightest chance of server failure.

We offer prompt server issue resolution through instant identification of the issue followed by restoration and incident analysis.

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Our Features


Supported Control Panel Software Our server support plans include control panel software installation as well as the initial setup procedures for the server. We also take care of the regular security patches to be run.


We Provide 30 Minute Response Time Guarantee Tickets raised against any server issue are taken care of immediately. We promise a maximum time of 30 minutes of ticket response time and ensure that the promise is always kept up.


Initial Setup And Control Panel Installation We support a whole range of control panel solutions such s Linux, Plesk, Windows and Directadmin and make it sure the entire process is simple and hassle-free.


Disaster Management and Hacking Investigation We have the experience and the expertise to ensure that server data when lost can be recovered completely without any hassles. This is followed by due investigation of the disaster activity and immediate and permanent resolution of the root cause.


Server optimization Optimized servers can enjoy 50% enhanced speed when compared to the ones in their normal state. We install, configure and optimize servers along with 24/7 monitoring services to ensure maximized server performance.


Operating System Support We support servers with different operating systems and ensure that our experience and expertise is leveraged across all business setups.


Account Transfer On Per Ticket Base Since our server support plans are based on a per-ticket rate, every account transfer is regarded as an individual support request.


Server Security And Hardening Services Security is the biggest concern for organizations today. We promise maximum security for your servers through our special range of security tools and techniques including server hardening services.


24x7 Server Monitoring Our support staffs work around the clock to monitor the servers for the slightest risk of a potential threat and ensure any issue is nipped off right at the start.


Customized Pricing Options We believe that matching client needs to the best price rates is our responsibility. Talk to one of our sales representatives to understand how to get the best customized deal with us.

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